The PlayStation 3 version of Borderlands is a bit broken

Ultimate Alliance. "When you get down to it," he says, "we're gonna play the video games anyway. "Note: Do you write walk throughs? Try your hand at posting one here. The PlayStation 3 version of Borderlands is a bit broken, according to replica Cartier w1529856 early reports from owners of that game The game's cooperative multiplayer mode won't recognize other Borderlands players on the PS3's friends list, an issue Gearbox is already addressing.

In addition to problems with the PSN friends list, Borderlands is reported by users to have issues finding public games, with waits of 30 minutes or more for a list of available games Since we feel that Borderlands' biggest strength is its co op mode, that's two very serious problems for PS3 owners. Fortunately, Gearbox software engineer replica Cartier w69007z3 watch Scott "vatoloco" Velasquez writes on the official Borderlands forums "We've identified the problem and are working on a fix. ""Believe it or not, the friends feature was heavily tested by Gearbox and 2K," Velasquez writes

"However, this particular issue we found could have never manifested itself in our or 2K's test environments. ""We'll find out very soon if the issue exists for the PS3 International versions of the Borderlands If it does, we'll hopefully have a fix implemented before it affects those customers," he says "We are doing everything we can to get replica Cartier w2603156 watch this problem addressed as quickly as possible. "Velasquez addresses the timing of that fix later in the thread, saying "The only thing I can say is that we're exploring all options of getting the fix out ASAP!

And I've gotten emails from people in their seventies

"And I've gotten emails from people in their seventies, playing games I got one email from a man stationed on a ship in the U. S Navy He had one game he'd brought with him, and he wanted me to email my guide (Dungeon Siege II) to him. "Williams has seen this kind of gratitude, too: "I've gotten some seniors who wrote in to replica Cartier wb509731 watch thank me for my Metal Gear Solid 4 guide For my Wall E guide, I get pretty frequent thank yous from parents It's cool It's like, whoa, people actually appreciate this. "Drawing The LineNot everything they play gets reviewed FAQ written about it

ChaosDemon, who put out a Batman: Arkham Asylum FAQ between summer school and the fall semester, wants to take his time with Uncharted 2 Williams, down in Australia, adores Japanese RPGs but won't touch them for FAQs "I love replica Cartier we5002x2 watch those games, but I'll never write a guide," he said "I hate to get interrupted when there's a big epic story unfolding. " Plus, to comprehensively play a Final Fantasy or Star Ocean game to anything close to 100 percent, "and write about it," would take, "years and years," he groans.

Rusk, the San Antonian who's hoarding memory units for The Ballad of Gay Tony, enjoys but won't review Lego Star Wars Earlier this year he tried Watchmen: The End is Nigh and enjoyed it enough that the guide he wrote for it became "an intro to the Watchmen universe for newbies. "But the solid bet is, by the end of the year, they'll be writing replica Cartier w51027q4 watch something. "I don't watch TV," Will said "Instead of watching TV, I play video games Some people watch a sitcom, a drama and the nightly news, I come home and play Marvel:

offered (and accepted) a gig writing an exclusive guide on Call of Duty: World at War for the Web site

Williams, the Australian, was offered (and accepted) a gig writing an exclusive guide on Call of Duty: World at War for the Web site replica Cartier w3019351 watch CheatPlanet. Will, the father in Richmond, Va. , has monetized his GameFAQs efforts further, building a site called papagamer. where e books employing the text of his GameFAQs guides are uploaded with graphics and other enhancements and sold for $5 Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, which took him 10 days to complete, is the latest offering

Will sees his GameFAQs work as a kind of loss leader, providing free and comprehensive advice on a game with an upsell to a more robust, premium guide elsewhere He says he's never made more than "a few hundred bucks a month," at what he does. "It's not much more than a hobby that pays for itself," Will says "In the past few months though, I've replica Cartier w20098d6 watch tried to boost my sales, so this is like a second job. "Will started his guide writing on Knights of the Old Republic II ("still a big fan of that game") to help gamers in BioWare's forums who kept showing up with the same questions

But as a father himself, he came to understand the real service of free guide writing to the parents of frustrated kids, who can't be helped with a video game neither mom nor dad understands the way they would a bike or toy. "I replica Cartier w200728g watch really get a feeling of accomplishment when I get emails from somebody who bought the game for their child, and the child gets frustrated, and that gets the parent frustrated, and they come online and get the help they need and everybody's happy," Will said

later a studio in Colorado Springs Guide writing offers flashbacks to those days

By that third or fourth time, it's just work. "Rusk, the Grand Theft Auto guru, was a game tester in the late 1980s for Broderbund Software, LucasArts, and later a studio in Colorado Springs Guide writing offers flashbacks to those days, he says, and not necessarily in a good way "Being forced to play constantly, you replica Cartier w62005v1 watch start hating the game," Rusk said "There's a natural burnout writing a guide, you just want to get it out the door. "But I don't lose my sense of enjoyment," he insisted "The thing here is I love the games I work on

I love the Grand Theft Auto games I love getting my hooks in and working on it. "Writing Walkthroughs For Minor ProfitChaosDemon aka Tony, the 20 year old in British Columbia wrote his first guide as an 11 year old: It was for replica Cartier w10125u2 watch Pokémon Stadium 2 on the Nintendo 64 "Some days I wasted a whole day when I wasn't at school, just working on a guide," he says. It didn't kill his grades, actually

"My English teacher didn't like me that much," he says, "but she commented 'Your writing is better than what I expected. ' And it was probably because of the guide You have to be very organized in your writing. "To say there's no benefit to the FAQ writer beyond a sense of satisfaction is false, of course Some have found a replica Cartier w6600121 watch writing voice, others a readership, and a few have turned their work into paying freelance gigs Rusk collected $500 when his Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay guide was published in a 2004 strategy guide compilation drawing on material from GameFAQs contributors